About me

Introduction Video

โžค Clear communication: I speak fluent English and some Spanish

I've also lived in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the US before.

โžค Establish a more enjoyable and holistic learning plan

I can share with you a variety of tools, platforms, and other materials based on your preference to help build a consistent study.

โžค As a language learner myself, I can relate to the challenges of learning a language.

โžค 5+ years of teaching experience, with 6000+ 1-on-1 lessons taught (on here & the other site)

More about me

Background & Education

I hold a BS degree in Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences from Kaohsiung Medical Univeristy. I've also taken a Teacher Training Course for CSL(Chinese as second language) in National Sun Yat-sen University and hold the certificate.

I grew up in New Taipei City, Taiwan. I also spent four years in Kaohsiung for my BS degree.ย 

I've been abroad teaching Chinese ever since I graduated. I've lived in Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and Europe for the last few years. I've been slow traveling. Currently I'm in Europe. I teach in US time zone. check my availability

Teaching Experience

After I graduated in 2017, I went to Mexico to teach in a private school for two years. From 2019, I started to teach online as a full-time job and have taught more than 6000 online lessons and 500+ students ever since, with more than 450+ positive reviews (see below).

From 2021, I built my own website and started to teach on my own booking platform as well. I've also started to create Chinese learning content on Youtube, Instagram, and this website for beginners and intermediate learners using stories and comprehensible input. As a language learner myself, I relate to the challenges of learning a foreign language, and I'm happy to be able to create content to help.

In Our Lessons

Common things my students like to work on during our lessons: simply conversation practice with comprehensible input and a good amount of repetition, storybooks such as graded reader, Integrated Chinese, YouTube videos, animation videos, Netflix, HSK, Chinese discussion platforms, etc..

What we can work on is different for each student, based on your level, preference, and goal. I can recommend materials and we work on whatever you decide to. We'll work out a holistic study plan together during our trial lesson, and adjust as we move forward.

I speak rather fluent English, so we will always be able to communicate clearly. I also speak some Taiwanese and some Spanish. My lessons can be fully in Chinese as well, depending on your preference and level.

There are a variety of tools and resources that I can share with you as well.

450+ Lesson Reviews

"Best teacher, totally worth it! I have had more than 10 different Chinese teachers through the last 2.5 years of learning Chinese and I have had weekly lessons with Jiayun since the start, and she is by far the best of them all, she can somehow make everything i find hard, seem simple." - Pierre ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

Curious about something?

Feel free to reach out and I'll provide additional information you might need.ย