學習資源 | 学习资源

I find these useful for my students. 加油 (Jiayou)!

Useful Tools

(learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese as your first lesson)(provides audio to every pinyin syllable)(look up words along with simple examples)(a lot of useful tools! dictionary, converter...)(convert characters to Pinyin or Zhuyin)(provides clear explanation and examples of each Chinese grammar)(a platform to find an affordable 1-on-1 online tutor)


  • Pleco

a dictionary app on your phone, with add-ons worth looking into
  • Skritter

great for learning characters, with both traditional and simplified characters
  • Pimsleur

great for beginners to focus on listening and speaking and acquire an authentic accent
  • Du Chinese

for reading graded stories, from beginner to advanced level
  • Tandem

an App to find language exchange partners who are native speakers

Chrome Extensions

(move cursor over a word to show pinyin and translation)(find and watch videos with dual subs on YT & Netflix)

Textbooks / Graded Stories

(in both simplified and traditional character version)(from Taiwan, in traditional characters)(great reading material to master the usage of the first hundreds of vocabulary)

Youtube channels to increase your input

(in the website you can search for Youtube videos with Chinese subtitles by level)

  • Intermediate/Advanced level: 志祺七七、Mandarin Corner

Mandarin Movies & Dramas

  • On Viki or Netflix, there are Mandarin dramas with subtitles.

  • On Language Reactor, you can find videos with subtitles too.

  • Movie:

大魚海棠 Big Fish & Begonia (YT)虎尾 Tigertail (on Netflix)別告訴她 The Farewell (on Netflix)大红灯笼高高挂 Raise the Red Lantern (YT)
  • Tv drama:

華燈初上 Light the Night (TW, on Netflix)三十而已 Nothing but Thirty (CN, on Netflix)你的孩子不是你的孩子 On Children (TW, on Netflix)通靈少女 The Teenage Psychic (TW, on HBO)我們與惡的距離 The World Between Us (TW, on HBO)他們在畢業的前一天爆炸 Days We Stared at the Sun (Netflix)誰是被害者 The Victim's Game (TW, on Netflix)致我們單純的小美好 A Love So Beautiful (CN, Rom-com, on Netflix and YT)